Our Fleet and Depot

Our Fleet

We have a modern fleet of 80 Mercedes Benz Actros trucks with GRW tankers that operate out of our own depot in Pretoria. All our vehicles have tracking devices, metered units and modern dispensing equipment. Our drivers are professional, well trained and experienced.

Through effective management, planned maintenance and client communication our customer base is professionally serviced by our logistics division.

Q4 Depot

We have our own storage depot in Delmas with state-of-the-art facilities, our own weighbridge, testing equipment, filling points and extensive storage capacity.

The depot is EIA approved to store up to 10 million litres of product. Q4 has the latest instruments and equipment needed to test all the essential product specifications before the product goes out to clients. This includes the testing of sulphur, flashpoint, density and viscosity of the product.

Q4 Fuel uses a more accurate method by weighing deliveries on the weighbridge and then determining the density that gives the accurate amount of litres that was loaded and offloaded.


Johan Marais
084 593 1724

Filling station

Johan Marais
084 593 1724


Currently there are no jobs available at Q4 Fuel. For Q4 Truck driver jobs enquiries please contact Resourceful People 010 5910304

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