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Q4 was founded in 2005 by Francois Du Preez and Dreyer Van Niekerk and is the leading non-refining wholesaler of petroleum products within South Africa. Since our inception, Q4 has grown into one of the front-runners within an exceptionally competitive petroleum market.

We service all sectors including; Agriculture, Aviation, Commercial, Civil/Construction, Industrial, Mining, Transport as well as Retail Service Stations and the Truck Stop market.

The key functions of Q4 include the sourcing, collection, storage and delivery of liquid petroleum products. These are supplied to a diverse client base within South Africa, timeously, supported by accurate documentation and open transparent channels of communication.

The efficient management of the entire process, from placement of order to collection and delivery of product through to invoicing and payment, are the principle elements of our success within the South African marketplace.

We are committed to service excellence, continuous improvement of product offerings and the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

We remain dedicated to our people and our customers by continuously maintaining the very stringent standards that we have set for ourselves.

Francois du Preez & Dreyer van Niekerk

Both the Q4 founding partners are qualified Chemical Engineers who have built a certified and proficient management team who consistently ensure that the drive, commitment, service delivery promise and competitiveness of our company is maintained.

45 Million Liters of Petroleum

Q4 delivers in excess of forty-five million liters of petroleum per month drawn from storage facilities and our strategic partners and suppliers


Johan Marais
084 593 1724

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Johan Marais
084 593 1724


Currently there are no jobs available at Q4 Fuel. For Q4 Truck driver jobs enquiries please contact Resourceful People 010 5910304

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